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The Association welcomes Soke Roberto Latini

posted Jul 14, 2014, 1:36 PM by James Neiman
This week we are highlighting Soke Roberto Latini, Founder and 10th Dan of the art of Ki Jutso Do. The Ki Jutsu Do pursues both the mental and physical development of the individual together with his self-fulfillment; because of its stress on the importance of the vital energy, it has to be intended in the most strictly philosophic meaning of the Martial Art and not as a simple whole of combat techniques. It is based on a self-defense concept therefore, it teaches mostly how to be ready and how to react to an attack through a neutralization that causes the least possible damages to the aggressor. Codified on the basis of the various Martial Arts techniques practiced during the years by its founder Soke Roberto Latini) and teachings of other disciplines (both eastern and western), the Ki Jutsu do proposes a different” concept of combat, a concept which mostly aims to the individual’s inner capacities: attention, control of the aggressiveness, technical response commensurate with the type of attack, development of the speed, flexibility and balance, etc. The training takes place trying to maintain as much as possible the real situation that the individual could face, which means: no tatami for the falls, no distinctions of weight, sex and age, etc