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Grandmaster Tim Spellman

Advisory Board Member of International Association of Professional Martial Artists

Dr. Timothy Spellman, 9th Dan Kenpo Karate.

I began training in Shaolin Chinese Kempo in 1975 in Marlboro Massachusetts with New England Health and Self Defense Studios. I received my Shodan rank in 1978 from William Brogna with New England Health & Self Defense. In 1978 I was promoted to instructor. I have taught a Special Forces unit (Green Berets) out of Fort Devens a curriculum consisting of Special Tactical Wartime Maneuvers and hand to hand combat with several execution tactics in the field. I also trained local, county, state and some federal law enforcement agencies special submission tactics and personal street defense techniques.
By 1982, I was promoted to Yodan and earned the title of Senior Instructor. At this time I moved to Merced, California to open my own United Martial Arts Studios of Self Defense.
By 1984, I relocated to San Jose, California and started teaching personal self defense located with in the Park Center Athletic Club in the downtown area.

I moved to Stayton, Oregon in 1985, where I opened the United Martial Arts Academy of Self Defense. This school was very successful. Many of my students, as well as I, competed in Local, State and Regional tournaments and did very well. So well in fact, the local news media covered us heavily. I taught Local, County, and State law enforcement there, as well as headed up and conducted seminars and workshops for the community focusing on anti-rape and assault tactics developed and designed for women and the elderly.
During this time, I met Grand Master Tim Teausant in Sandy, Oregon and began training with him in 1986, learning the war arts of Kenpo (Kosho Shorei Ryu), James Mitose's Kenpo Jujitsu. I received my Shichidan Master rank from Grand Master Teausant and receive the title of Master Instructor.
By 1994, I was Honored with the Presidential Sports Awards for Karate and Chinese Martial Arts for 5 consecutive years 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, operating four studios in Oregon under the name Tim Spellman's Kenpo Karate Studios of Self Defense. These schools were located in Silverton, Lebanon, Albany, and Stayton. I received a strong, positive response from the community as my students placed and received trophies in tournaments in the Pacific Northwest region. I also selected a few students to train for kickboxing and promoted them to fight in the Portland area with great success. In addition, I promoted and sponsored several Chinese kickboxing tournaments introducing "Kumite" as a fighting division in the Pacific Northwest centered in the Albany area.
I sold the Oregon locations to successful students and moved to North Carolina in 1996. I arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and and began the process to open Tim Spellman's Kenpo Karate Studio. As in Oregon, the community's enthusiasm and response quickly grew in direct ratio to the students' success under my training. I had taught and coordinated a self defense program for the Community Youth Program in a public/private academic school which had over 100 children participating in the program. The school made it a permanent, ongoing program using my structured curriculum developing personal individual growth of each individual and grading levels for their accomplishments.
Here, as in Oregon, I trained a select few of my students in kickboxing and promoted them to fight in the surrounding areas of the state with great success.
In 1998, I began traveling, making my presence known in every U.S. State, particularly in most of the major cities, giving seminars, demonstrations, and workshops to all facets of the communities. I focused primarily on organizations that dealt with rape victims, battered and abused women and youth, but also went to martial art schools of various types and numerous public and private academic schools.
January 1, 2005 International Certified "Kenpo Master Instructor"
 (Certificate Number MI-116-06) from Senior Grand Master Al Tracy.

In 2006, I purchased First Street Kenpo Karate Studio from Grand Master Tim Teausant Located in Gresham Oregon. Since then, I have been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame granted the title of "Kenpo Master of the Year" on June 2, 2007
In 2008 I was honored with the position of ""Oregon State Director" for the U.S.A. Alliance IBS Organization and honored with the certified position to lead the USA National Martial Arts Team in Hawaii as their US National Martial Arts Team Coach "Kenpo Division".
January 24, 2008 Certified Shichidan rank (7th Degree Black belt)
 from Senior Grand Master Al Tracy. (Certificate Number B-762-54)
February 17, 2008 Ph.D (Doctorate in Martial Arts Philosophy).
University of Asian Martial Arts

February 17, 2008 Ma.D.Sc. (Doctorate in Martial Arts Science).
University of Asian Martial Arts

June 20, 2009 USA Martial Arts "Hall of Fame'
 "Silver Life Award".
June 27, 2009 GOE  Kenpo International "Hall of Fame".

On May 8, 2010 Grand Master Jim Thomas with the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Hall of Heroes" bestowed upon me a great honor of being recognized as "System Founder of the Year" thus recognizing the birth of "Tim Spellman's Kenpo Karate System" and Gresham/Portland, Oregon being the birthplace of this well developed Kenpo Karate System using any and all practical applications for Effective Personal Self Defense.

2011 Rated #1 "Best in Gresham" Oregon
 "Personal Self Defense Instruction" by the US Chamber
April 30, 2011 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Hall of Heroes"
 "Supreme 'Soke' Founder of the Year".
January 16, 2012 Certified Kudan rank (9th Degree Black Belt)
 from Grand Master Tim Teausant. (Certificate Number B-901-12)

April 28, 2012 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Hall of Heroes"
 "Kenpo Grand Master of the Year"
2012 Rated #1 "Best in Gresham" Oregon
 "Personal Self Defense Instruction" by the US Chamber
July 20, 2013 GOE  Kenpo International "Hall of Fame"

July 23, 2013 World Kenpo Federation
 W.K.F.Certified School Member (Certificate Number 19-2013)
November 2, 2013 International Martial Arts ""Hall of Fame"
November 10, 2013 Kenpo Karate "Hall of Fame"
 "Master of the Year"

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