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Master Joshua Jackson

Advisory Board Member of International Association of Professional Martial Artists

Master Joshua Jackson has Studied martial arts for 38 years, and has studied with some very notable teachers. Master Jackson has received the title International Martial Arts Qi Gong, Tai Chi Master for his many accomplishments.
In 2013 Master Jackson Was Inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, and was included in the book of Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World with GM Jack Fu by the International Wushu SanShou Dao. He was awarded 5th degree black belt Master Level 2 in the International Wushu SanShou Dao, presented by GM Shouyu Liang.

Master Jackson has been on the cover and helped produce, edit, voice over 7 training videos with GM Jack Fu for Kungfu Magazine. He also performed in many shows in the U.S. And Canada, including Kungfu Magazine's 20th Anniversary, World Tai Chi Kungfu Day, World Tai Chi day, and Extraordinary Martial Artist of the World events.

Master Jackson was awarded 7th Dan in Kenpo Jujitsu under GM Darryle Foster.

In 2012 Master Jackson Formally became a 7th generation Traditional Wushu/Qigong/Tai Chi Master Shifu, and began accepting disciples for the 8th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi in a traditional baishr ceremony of the Emei Tai Chi School, following the Lineage of Xue Li Fu (Jack Fu) Lin Mogen, Li Ya Xuan, Yang Cheng Fu, Yang Jian Huo, and Yang Lu Chan.

Master Jackson was Awarded the title of USA Head Master by the New International Martial Arts Budo association and World Setkudo By Shihan Nobuhiro Hirahara of Kyoto Japan. He has produced Champion Shoot Fighters in the Professional and Amateur rings in US And Japan.

Master Jackson was awarded 3rd degree Black Belt and is a Full Instructor of Tai Liu Chuan Fa under Chujen Saul Tallbear in the International Tai Liu Chuan Fa Association of America.

Master Jackson also is a representative of the Filipino Martial arts of Isidro Modern Arnis under Master Jose Isidro, and is a representative of MARPPIO under GM/Dr Remy Presas Jr.

Master Jackson is currently teaching at the Naturally Organic Healing Center at 1171 S. Buffalo #110 Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 (702-433-3874).