Asia Martial Arts Schools


Indian Yoga and Martial Arts Federation:
 Art:The Indian Yoga and Martial Arts Federation (IYMF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to promulgate traditional All Style karate-do throughout the world. The IYMF was founded in August 1982 . Renshi Deepak Sharma 6th dan, the President and the Chief Instructor of the IYMF, and Sensei Rajkumar Mourya 3rd dan, the General Secretary and the Vice Chief Instructor, were two of the original founders. Today, the IYMF is comprised of all over India. The IYMF is still growing and continually adds new clubs, institute and state to its membership, and currently has over 7,500 members in India.
 Head Instructor:Sensei Rajkumar Mourya
Ranks: Black Belt 3rd Dan
 Address:342, Jiwaji Nagar, Thatipur, Gwalior (MP), India, 474001
 Website: ; +91-7566060756


Pakistan Martial Arts Academy:
Kyokushinkaikan: Branch Chief (International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan Sakamoto Group) ;
Kyokushinkaikan Sakamoto faction, offers a lesson content that fits with the aim of players, wrought of mind and body, beauty, health, diet, and healthy development of youth, the purpose of each.
We follow the Karate way of building character and training the mind and body to contribute to society, based on Sosai Mas Oyama's Kyokushin spirit "Keep your head low (modesty), eyes high (ambition), mouth shut (serenity); base yourself on filial piety and benefit others." We in Kyokushinkaikan do not promote or practice discrimination or prejudice based on ethnicity, race, nationality, politics, philosophy, religion, sex or age and recognize that everyone has the same rights. Our greatest pursuit is to reach for the goal of international friendship and world peace.
 Head Instructor:Muhammad Nasir Khanm 
Ranks: Black Belt 2nd Dan
 Address:Griffin Gymnasium, Griffin Ground, Mughlpura, Lahore, Pakistan
 Website:Under construction ; +923009465371


 Art:Wing Chun Kung Fu
 Head Instructor:Sifu Prasad Wickramasinghe
 Address:No: 55/5, Viduhal Mawatha, Aluviharaya, Matale, 21000, Sri Lanka
 Website:Under construction