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The Kyrons:

The Kyrons Dojang. Instituto Peruano de Artes Marciales y Deportes Asociados (IPAMYDA)

- Taekwondo - Pil Sung Jutsu - Ju Jutsu - JudoKick-Box - Ke Hsiao - Sanda

 Head Instructor:


Presidente Dojang The Kyrons cinturon negro 1er Dan Taekwondo cinturon negro 1er Dan Ju-Jutsu cinturon negro 1er Dan JudoKick-Box


Dirección : sector 1,grupo 1, manzana A, lote 21 Villa el Salvador .Lima-Perú


telefono : 989860961


Kombat 360 Degrees International (Fight Club)
 Art:Todd-Jutsu-Ryu System

Todd-Jutsu-Ryu is a practical and tactical System, designed and developed to teach persons how to prevent, deal with and overcome all types of violence and attacks. Todd-Jutsu-Ryu prepares the student in the subjects of self defense, self protection, fighting and Combat skills, as well as skills to defend others, all in a unique and comprehensive format.. Todd-Jutsu-Ryu was developed in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, under realistic demands and conditions. Founded and directed by Soke, Deno K Todd, A former member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, whom was exposed to a series of different self defense and martial arts systems from a variety of Instructors local and international, formal and informal, for which an amalgamation of Military, Martial arts and Street Combat experiences were implemented which gives rise to the birth of Todd-Jutsu-Ryu System.. Todd-Jutsu-Ryu is non ornamental, non traditional in nature, which utilizes economy of motion /body dynamics and continuity. Its objective is not the preservation of Martial arts tradition, but rather the preservation of Life to one's self and others. Its unique disposition named for its simplicity, directness and being unorthodox..

It is 55% technical Skills 20 % Mental Toughness 10 % Physical conditioning 10 % spiritual 5 % Diet.

Comprised of Muay Thai

Military Hand to Hand Combat


Kazure te ryu

Principles of Russian Systema


Dim Mak
 Head Instructor:Soke, GM., Prof., Dr. Deno K. Todd
10th Degree Blackbelt

#04 Derrick Road, Chase Village, Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago

1 (868) 292-5795